T-Tapp Broom Walking Workout with Instruction

2016 Retreat - BROOM Walking Workout 
Filmed in August 2016 during T-Tapp's annual 4 day/3 night fitness retreat, this workout delivers total body sculpting inch loss and tone, as well as core cardio, lymphatic circulation and posture power.
It's extra focus on body alignment to maximize muscle activation with the use of a broom, super charges your body's ability to achieve faster results.  In addition to helping your body rebuild strength, flexibility and healthy heart function,
this warm up and workout together definitely improves lymphatic circulation, mental clarity and energy. 
The 9 minute instructional session not only teaches proper form for optimal results, it also provides a great warm up workout. 
The 11 minute workout, done without instruction, still has plenty of reminders for form to help keep your body in alignment so you can maximize muscle activation while walking in place.