Holiday Workouts

4 holiday workouts, each one under 30 minutes long for $20.00.

#1 - A super short, but super effective T-Tapp Workout created just for the holiday season. Since there is no need to wear shoes and it is only 14 minutes long, this standing T-Tapp Holiday Workout can be done anytime and anywhere.  Not only will it get your heart rate up and blood sugar down, it will also sculpt inches away in all the right places.

#2 - This standing T-Tapp Workout blends exercises from First Step and Turn Back Time along with extra focus on muscle and fascia activation to create a concise, low-impact aerobic and body sculpting workout that works for total body results. Although Teresa is wearing Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 running shoes, which are very flexible, this 24 minute long workout can be done with any type of cross training shoe or even barefoot.  

#3 - This standing 24 minute long T-Tapp Workout blends exercises from Total Workout, Turn Back Time and some new ones from First Step Fascia Fitness.  Although Teresa is wearing Sketcher Work cross training shoes, which are very structured, she also likes to do this workout with her Nike Free Flyknit running shoes.  She does not recommend doing this workout barefoot.  

#4 - This special 18 minute long sit down T-Tapp Workout features a blend of exercises from several T-Tapp workouts to provide total body sculpting inch loss, as well as aerobic fat burning and fascia stretching benefits. There are exercises to target tone your neck, increase flexibility in your spine, trim your torso with "Lawnmowers", lean out your legs with "Chorus Line Kicks" and target trim your derriere with "I Dream of Jeanne Squats".