Hit The Floor Combo

Want variety to add into your T-Tapp Workout routine? Try the Hit the Floor Series! This exceptional workout is a great introduction to T-Tapp floor workout routines. This workout is a great value giving you two workouts for the price of one!

In this set you will receive two separate workouts:
1. Hit the Floor (30 minutes) is a super abdominal workout done on the floor using gravity to help pull the organs in and up – cinching in the tummy! Hit the Floor includes various leg movements and stretches that slim the thighs, strengthen the lower back and target the entire abdominal area. Previously rated as the #1 Abdominal Workout by Amazon.com.
2. Hit the Floor Softer (37 minutes) is similar to Hit the Floor, but modified for use with weighted shoes. (Weighted Shoes No Longer Available) You do not have to use weighted shoes with this workout. Hit the Floor Softer is a great starting workout to use in preparation for Hit the Floor.

Both workouts include the exceptionally effective exercise for flattening the lower tummy…Organs in Place!