Defeating Diastasis With Master T-Tapp Trainer Trisch Richardson

Defeating Diastasis—Close the Gap with T-Tapp Trainer Trisch Richardson!

Ever feel like your tummy is the “last holdout”? Or maybe you feel you look “perpetually

pregnant” -- even though your baby is 20?!

Maybe you struggle with “leaking” when you sneeze, cough or laugh?

Finding it hard to “curl the core” and keep it activated during your workouts?

Having “the gap” of diastasis recti often goes hand in hand with weak core strength.

With weaker core muscles, other muscles try to “help” out, leading to lack of inch loss in the

tummy area, lower back pain, hip pain—even knee issues!

Would you like to close the gap and gain core strength? Or maybe you don't have the

“Tummy Gap” but are looking for tips to help you strengthen a weak core to see more results

in the mid-section or strengthen the pelvic floor to eliminate “leakage”?

Join me for Defeating Diastasis—Close the Gap with T-Tapp!

Trainer: Trisch Richardson

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Defeating Diastasis is a 13 week video course program, taking you step by step from

determining how wide your gap is to easing you into floorwork. I created this course after

using T-Tapp workout moves and techniques to close my diastasis recti gap-- and I've helped

other women close the gap using the same techniques. Now you can benefit from the same

tips I share with my clients!

Defeating Diastasis program will start , October 17, 2018 and finish January 17, 2019.

You will have video access through February 28, 2019.

NEW for this fall--an app so you can access your videos offline!

Please note—the goal isn't necessarily to be able to go from a wide gap to closing it to doing

floorwork by the end of the course—some will—but the main goal is to strengthen your core

and pelvic floor, as well as get better ab awareness for workouts AND daily life activities, too.

Here are a few of the amazing results reported by previous course participants:

Stronger pelvic floor

Gap significantly smaller—and some completely closed!

Stronger core

More ab awareness

Less or no leakage when sneezing or coughing!

Inch loss!

For more details and testimonials—check out!

Ready to get YOUR internal girdle back to look and feel your best?!

If you worked with me one-on-one to get the information, accountability and help from this

course, it would cost over $400!

Defeating Diastasis Comprehensive 13 Week Program with video instruction, written

materials, and live encouragement and interaction via a private Facebook group plus

video access for 6 additional weeks: Only $97!

Let's Defeat Diastasis and close that gap—with T-Tapp!

TWO-PAYMENT OPTION AVAILABLE! If you prefer to make 2 payments of $48.50, you can

arrange this by calling the T-Tapp office. 1-800-342-0717

Please e-mail me after you register to with a copy of your receipt

so I can get access information to you to in a timely manner.

Requirements: Internet connection for the videos (or the new app, available by the time the

program starts).

Videos are streaming, not downloads, but will be available offline through the

app . Videos will be available through February 28, 2019.

Pre-requisite for the Program: While familiarity with T-Tapp is helpful, Defeating Diastasis

starts with primary principles and techniques of T-Tapp, therefore there are no pre-requisites.

Cancellation Policy: None