Defeating Diastasis

Defeating Diastasis—Close the Gap with T-Tapp Trainer Trisch Richardson!

Ever feel like your tummy is the “last holdout”? Or maybe you feel you look “perpetually pregnant” -- even though your baby is 20?!

Maybe you struggle with “leaking” when you sneeze, cough or laugh?

Finding it hard to “curl the core” and keep it activated during your workouts?

Having “the gap” of diastasis recti often goes hand in hand with weak core strength.

With weaker core muscles, other muscles try to “help” out, leading to lack of inch loss in the tummy area, lower back pain, hip pain—even knee issues!

Would you like to close the gap and gain core strength? Or maybe you don't have the “Tummy Gap” but are looking for tips to help you strengthen a weak core to see more results in the mid-section or strengthen the pelvic floor to lessen “leakage”?

Welcome to Defeating Diastasis—Close the Gap with T-Tapp!

Trainer: Trisch Richardson

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Defeating Diastasis is a 13 week video course program, taking you step by step from determining how

wide your gap is to easing you into floorwork. I created this course after using T-Tapp workout moves

and techniques to close my diastasis recti gap-- and I've helped other women close the gap using the

same techniques. Now you can benefit from the same tips I share with my clients!

Defeating Diastasis program will start March 26, 2018 and finish June 30, 2018. You will have video access until August 11, 2018.

Please note—the goal isn't necessarily to be able to go from a wide gap to closing it to doing floorwork by the end of the course—some will—but the main goal is to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, as well as get better ab awareness for workouts AND daily life activities, too!

Here are a few of the amazing results reported by previous course participants:

• Stronger pelvic floor

• Gap got smaller (some completely closed!)

• Stronger core

• More ab awareness

• Less or no leakage when sneezing or coughing!

• Inch loss!

For more details and testimonials—check out!

Ready to get YOUR internal girdle back to look and feel your best?!

If you worked with me one-on-one to get the information, accountability and help from this course, it would cost over $400!

Defeating Diastasis Comprehensive 13 Week Program with video instruction, written materials, and live encouragement and interaction via a private Facebook group plus video access for 6 additional weeks: Only $97!

Let's Defeat Diastasis and close that gap—with T-Tapp!

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! Sign up by March 1, 2018 and receive immediate access to my Amazing Activation Tips! You will have access throughout the duration of the Defeating Diastasis course! 3 video classes demonstrating the T-Tapp stance, ankle activation, Fascia stretches and extra arm activation tips. A $37 value you get for FREE!

TWO-PAYMENT OPTION AVAILABLE! If you prefer to make 2 payments of $48.50, you can arrange this by calling the T-Tapp office. 1-800-342-0717 If you arrange your first payment by March 1, you will still get the Early Bird Special.

Please e-mail me after you register to with a copy of your receipt so I can get access information to you to in a timely manner.

Requirements: Internet connection for the videos.

Videos are streaming, not downloads. Videos will be available until August 11, 2018.

Pre-requisite for the Program: While familiarity with T-Tapp is helpful, Defeating Diastasis starts with primary principles and techniques of T-Tapp, therefore there are no pre-requisites.

Cancellation Policy: None

 Not just a course that leaves you on your own to figure out!

  • Step-by-Step instruction to give clear guidance and reduce overwhelm
  • 36 lessons over 13 weeks to lay a strong foundation and gradually build core strength
  • 15 videos demonstrating techniques and modifications of T-Tapp moves to protect your progress while you work on strengthening your core
  • Weekly accountability checks in the private Facebook group (and weekly accountability e-mails sent to those not on Facebook)
  • Live support in a private Facebook group where you can ask Trisch questions and share the journey with others going through the course
  • Regular Attitude Check-Up videos to encourage you and keep momentum going!
  • Core strengthening tips to not only close the gap but KEEP it closed--also great for core work whether you have diastasis recti or not!
  • Tips and schedules to help you safely ease back into your T-Tapp workouts
  • Discount on T-Tapp dvds and products!


 Almost everyone that responded saw progress in closing their gap—and many without finishing all of the lessons! (I've lengthened the course thanks to their helpful feedback!)  One participant saw her 8 finger separation go down to 1-2 fingers!


Everyone LOVED the video instruction, with comments such as these about what they liked:


"Freedom to do lessons on my time schedule."

"I was encouraged to go for my best, not keeping up with everyone else."

"I like the modified exercises and the exercises just for closing the gap. The beginning exercises are the ones I seem to have time for and will actually do. I also loved the one on one help on Facebook."

“I liked being able to see what to do and breaking it down into little steps that were explained. It made more sense and made me aware of gaps in my practice of other T-Tapp moves.”


“I liked the way you made it so conversational and like being in the living room with a friend. Your content was simple to understand and really helped me to see what was going on inside. The videos cleared up any questions I had with the written. I realized that my core was much weaker than I thought and I have been made aware of ways I've compensated my whole life! While I didn't 'get very far,' I feel that I have a much better understanding than I did before.”


“Trisch's attention to detail and constant reminders to go slow and be consistent-- even with baby steps.”


“The constant encouragement and motivation was amazing to me! The lessons were so thorough and I felt like I was never alone in this!”


“Actually my favorite parts were the attitude checks. It kept the focus on positively moving forward and not on guilt for what hadn't been done yet.”


“Trisch is so sweet and understanding...gentle guidance and no tough love.”


 Want to hear more about real results? 


Breaking News, Trisch!!! My gap has closed!!! things I've noticed the last couple of weeks... changes in tummy contour, still a ways to go, but everything has been moving up and in, some pants I couldn't wear when we started fit now, greater blood flow to the skin at the surgery site - my scar is almost invisible TO ME, and that's saying something! When measuring just a little while ago to check my progress, I was able to hold the crunch position without straining, what I mean is without feeling the need to rest and put my head back down to the floor and then start again, which I needed to do several times at the start of the program. I still have a ways to go, still mastering the form of the later exercises from DD and adding in some of the moves from MORE. My thoughts as I go about my day are: Bend, Tuck/Curl, Knees Out, Ribs Up, and then ZIP up the abs! Happy New Year!!!! Yes, we can!  Thank you, Trisch Richardson!

Kathleen G.


Anyone tracking measurements during this Core Focus? I was pleasantly surprised tonight to discover I have dropped 7 1/2" overall in the last 3 weeks -- 3 of which are right across the abdomen! I'm just doing the floor exercises + Mitten Chop box 1-2 times/day. I have loads of 'fluff' to dig through just doing the move but I do it as best i\I can anyway. I think I'm not doing enough and can't be sure my core is activated half the time but I just keep doing the moves. My upper diastasis of 2 1/2 'fingers' closed in the first half of the program and 3" off my abdomen in the last 3 weeks?! Thank you Trisch for putting this all together! It's working!

Tara H.


Let me share a few victories: ~~1) My gap is closing. I started at a 2 above my navel and I am down to less than one. ~~2) I can feel some activation going on when I zip up the top of the abs....I thought those muscles were dead. ~~3) After doing T Tapp on and off for over a decade, I can finally initiate the tuck with the abs...had no clue what that meant before this course. ~~4) I can sneeze twice without wetting my pants...before this course, I could not sneeze once without a little accident. ~~5) I have lost an inch off my waist...I was discouraged at first because it is only an inch (My waist was 44.5 inches), but I have to remind myself that I have lost an inch. ~~6) I am more aware of my abs during workouts. ~~7) I remember often to zip up those abs when picking up a toddler or putting on certain clothes or getting out of bed. ~~8) I have learned that even when I do not get a workout in, I can still do PBS, core focus on the floor and half frogs and it is still good. ~~9) I am learning to be kinder and gentler to myself. ~~10) Trisch Richardson is absolutely amazing....and that is a victory for us all who have had to opportunity to have her guide us along this journey.

Sue M. (Never Give Up on the forums)


Today I put to use zip up your abs all day long. It made a huge difference while I was helping my parents clear out their house. They are moving. Tomorrow I'll be watching my form while driving and my legs will be grateful for somewhat of a rest. Friday is unload the moving truck and I'll be zipping all day again. Thank you Trisch without this class my core would be shot and I would be in so much pain from having weak core muscles which would make my back hurt doing what I did today. Instead my core is tired because I worked it hard all day long. Completely different feeling and oh so much better!

Tara P.


I started using Trisch's program after having 3 babies in just over 3 years. My midwife had told me I had diastasis recti (four-fingers wide) during my last post partum check up but hadn't really told me what to do about it. I found Trisch's program through the T-Tapp Support group on Facebook and am so glad I did. When our youngest turned one we found out we were expecting again. At my first prenatal appointment I told my midwife about the program and after my exam she declared my diastasis recti completely healed. She requested the program information so she could pass it onto other clients!

Mary McCarty, mom of 4


After just one day of being aware of my core while lifting and putting my son down,  I remeasured just out of of curiosity and discovered my gap was already on the mend!  This is a great indicator I am moving in the right direction!  Just paying attention and keeping my core properly engaged while standing up from sitting or lying, as well as being conscious of how I lift and carry my son is already making a noticeable difference. My tummy is looking flatter, and more importantly, I feel my core engaging from inside, which helps me feel more stable, supported...and attractive!

Krystalle Keszainn


I had a lot of mind renewal as a result of this course. Confidence building, more consistency on exercising, practicing more self care, the T-Tapp community, the empathy and support...those things all happened and are reasons I recommend T-Tapp and this program to others  ~ Mary McCarty